Macramé feather

After meeting a like-minded creative person, I got inspired to spend more time on my creative hobbies. After having filled my Pinterest boards with artsy DIY projects for months, it was time to actually start working on them. I decided to start with creating Macramé feathers.

At the most creative and inspiring shop at the end of my street, I bought a ball of Chunky Cotton wool (ByClaire) in the color Sand (011). I watched a tutorial video and decided to give it a try. And that worked out better than I expected for a first time! In about 45 minutes, I had made my first big feather (35 cm including the loop) and after that I immediately made a smaller one (14 cm including the loop).

Macramé feathers are very cute to decorate your house – or garden – and as a gift! The entire process is mindful and I love to spend time on such activities. This in combination with an awesome final product feels lovely! So: definitely stay tuned for more!

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