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Graduation project Nudie Jeans

For this graduation project, I did an entire photoshoot. Check the results here!

My graduation project consisted of creating a fictitious campaign for an existing, sustainable brand. I chose the Swedish brand Nudie Jeans. The goal of this campaign was to create more awareness for sustainable (slow) fashion.

First, I did research on Nudie Jeans and then I brainstormed on an appropriate concept. I came up with “Nudie’s Denim Journey”, in which the customer clearly sees the journey of all individual clothing pieces. This fits with Nudie’s transparent supply chain, and makes sure customers understand how clothes are made and how much influence we as customers have on this process.

For this assignment, I did a photoshoot with four people (my first real photoshoot!) in Nudie’s showroom in Amsterdam, and became aware of all ins and outs of sustainable clothes. After the photoshoot, I used the pictures to design a magazine, advertisements, ambassador-card, app, price tag, and scale model of a pop-up store. The results below helped me to graduate cum laude (8.0)!